Let Me Sleep/Starving



When you're pissing in the bowl you're swimming in and you're wishing that the boat you’re fishing in would capsize and deliver its dreaded splinters to the water, rippling.


Your best friend is a book you read and it wasn't good. 


When you're honest for a little bit like a little kid


When you’re visited by the ones you've been and you’re riveted by a sign you sped right past and you want to see you again but you can't because the light’s no longer red. 


But it’s not green yet.


When your big head gets a layer shed and your paycheck’s hearing death threats from your rent. Big dent gone to a girl who left West. 


So you get bent and stay wet with what's left thinking who said what when next-door sex-ed while your bed won’t consent to sleep


Oh let me sleep


When you're sitting on a bench of petulance, got your feet hurting and your feelings wet and your residential complex of inferiority’s got your ego stretched


When you're struggling to get your table fed, you're finding out that a fable’s dead, when someone's picking up your crumbs of bread and you're not lost but starving instead


Oh let me sleep


Oh let me sleep


(Laughter & conversation)